T.R.U.E. Project is placed in a liminal place, full of poetic and political potentials. This public action, a direct emanation of situational practises, intends to wrong-foot citizens by a public fly-posting plan, which is its prelude, and then it amplifies its viral effect through the web. The project is starting in a place ( or places) which is full of symbolic meanings and which has been carefully chosen by the artist, as every particular, and it will be unpredictably disseminated throughout countries. Having a potential boundless power of circulation, this action tries to find a wide debate, which involves not only a special audience but “people”, spurring them into a critical thinking and into shared forms of agency. As the Incerções and Circuitos Ideologicós of Cildo Meireles, it “arise from the need to create spreading and exchange of information, free of any centralized control”.